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Read My Article                               Now the Lord is that Spirit And where the Spirit Of The
                                                       Lord is there Is Liberty                             11 Corinthians 3: 17

It Is In Process And NOW Available for you to view!! AS GOD Has Led!!
Proverbs 3:5, 6.
Thanks For Your Prayers!!
I have many Experiences of Deliverances and I will very soon begin to share along with the
5 last years, especially #1)
'Stroke To The Brain' is one; and  #2) 'Fluid Sack' that  grew
to A Small Grapefruit size in my Scrotum Sack because of Stress, two!! Then The Doctors
of Parkland Hospital Assigned to my case, Pierced the Sack through with a needle and it
grew back in a about 2 minutes after leaving temporary, only to grow in full size back
again.  I Next had An Operation A MONTH LATER!! I went to Atlanta Georgia giving my
Testimony On Nation Wide/Global TV- 'THE WORD CHANNEL' ( Cynthia & Friends ) The
More Stressed I became (unknowingly) The More It Grew to that Capacity, causing me to
pass Blood as I passed water, through my personal organs below!! Thank God for his
Merciful Healing Power!!

Still Ministering to Doctors and Nurses also Maintenance Crew!! I went to TV Land to Tell
Them: 'They Could Make it Through God'!! When the Enemy shall Come In Like A Flood
The Spirit of the Lord would lift up a standard against Him, Isaiah 59: 19. (The Latter
Sentence) That resides  in you, Also No
Weapon Formed  Against You shall prosper Against
you, but you will condemn every tongue that riseth up in the judgement, Isaiah 54: 17!! The
Latter says: This is HERITAGE of The SERVANTS of the Lord, and their righteousness is
from me SAITH THE LORD!! PRAISE GOD!!   People Of God/Readers - This is the
Beginning!  I wrote this Article 2 years after Stroke, etc. and waited on God to pursue, then
God commanded: It is The
Due Season to begin to write and report the miracles he did
years ago!!  David enquired of the Lord Whether He Should Pursue enemy
in 11 Samuel  5: 19 and he received an ok and pursue and recover all. However
those stubborn spirits were jealous of David's Authority and Strength, so They came again
more forceful. David in return inquired Again: Should I Lord Purse? The answer at this
attempted pursuit was: No not until the Mulberry Trees Shake, then and only then
pursue/attack, then recover all!! God, my Brothers/Sisters is Specific. Don't go forward at
your pursuit until you hear him CLEARLY!! Remember: Acknowledge the Lord in all your
ways, and He will
direct your paths!! (The Experiences was not to Hurt me but Strengthen
Me, 1 Peter 5: 10.)  It was not the Stroke, but on the other side of The STROKE was the
Assignment!! Romans 8: 28. ALL things work out for the Good!! Signed
Personally________Pastor Bob Latson,
EXPERIENCER!!  There has been 5years________ passed since this great experience!!

Here it is April 10, 2012, another year and with that year brought me on the Internet Radio
a years gone by with, 120 shows of 30:00min also 1:00hr  on  Alan Levy, the President and
Owner  What you do is search: bob latson, then come up with the
archives of various special guest and their picture in a slide show. God is very Good and his
mercy endureth forever. What I did is here him say to approach this platform from 2 people
to get on there. God showed up with no money for free shows at first, then I went to
Premium @ 29.00 a month. God showed up and within 2 months he supplied miraculously
and over for a great season then back to free shows with limitations, but free and the shows
were 30:00 minutes only 5 callers the other unlimited with 0 amount of callers. As God
leads there will be more to report. Remember what Hebrews says: By 'FAITH' The ELders
Obtained or
Received a Good Report, Hebrews 11: 2. { My Dear Readers Listen to this }: I
Was Turned down 7 years or times consecutively by a Judge, in regards to disability, this
Was God's perfect will Just as Our Brother Joseph became (Overseer In Egypt) to help his
relatives come out free/surviving, and just recently a Judge by God's direction released me
then i got the dissability. I bought a new car that is 15 years, 1998 Old/Escort/Ford by
Name, with only 13,000 miles in 15 years, also looked like it was year 2013. God had them
go back for at least 2 years and reward me that money. In fact I am still being Blessed. It
PAYS to pay your tithes and offerings. Peace/Blessings to your reading one of my stories,
out of obscurity/homelesness - sleeping on the street/or parks into destiny -
REWARDING!!! It took a little time to brag on our God, Psalms 34: 1-4. I will bless the
Lord at all times, My Boast is in him. The HUMBLE shall here about it and be glad. I did I
did seek the Lord and he Heard me and DELIVERED me from All My FEARS!!! The
enemy even fought this  PRAISE GOD!! GOD TOLD me to SEAL IT WITH PRAISE!!