Out of A Personal Testimony And Experience By
Myself, Pastor Bob Latson, The Overseer and
The Ministry Actually Started Out:
Liberation For The Homosexual
Ministry, Inc. The Lord Told Me What To
Name It And Also Told Me What To Revamp It:
Liberation Ministries, Inc. "Foundation Faith",
Meaning: “Liberation For All”, ( But You Must  

F  A  I  T  H' Fully Assured I Trust Him,

Especially The Homosexual,
Who doesn’t believe he or she can be Totally
This Is Noted And Shown; By The Way
Many Continue To Project The Character God
pposes, Perversion and Impurity/Negativity!!
his is not  God's Character Manifested, Pure
Love and Undefiled, In Which There Is No Legal
Spiritual  Law For Spiritual Darkness To Rule!!
satan...And The demons Know That!! They Believe
And Tremble At God's Word, James 2: 19!!

The Testimony Not Only Has Been an Experience
Of Healing and Deliverance,
But in a Strange Way, a Great Honor.
Only a Godly Man or Woman can comprehend. The
Word of God states that after we have experienced
affliction and
contrition, we no longer go astray from his
commandments (Psalms 119: 67&71).
I am writing under the direct leading of the Holy
Spirit. I don’t get a joy out of airing dirty laundry of
the past, but if God says tell it (or air it) I believe I
came here, feet first, dead on arrival; my mothers
and my heart stopped, just to accomplish this – God
Given purpose.

In The Summer of 1979, as is stated in my
Picturesque, Testimonial Brochure Of The Past,
See: Testimonials Of God's Deliverance  
FRONT!!  BACK!!  I was
eaten with the sin of Homosexuality and many other
various sins, which in return conceived death, the
death of the Horrible Killer AIDS/Spiritually
God Almighty doesn’t heal you!!! This all derived
from a childhood molestation at 8 years old in a
Children’s Home in upstate New York, the name is
concealed information, which as of now has become
another entity. That is so strange, when I think of
what episodes that were done, to innocent children,
to know what it has become, to help mankind. How
ironic life can be, on a positive note.

There is so much to be said in reference to the whole
exotic, Supernatural Scenario. That’s correct,
Supernatural. This is A
Spiritual War, *Ephesians 6: 10-20, 2 Corinthians
10, 3-6.  All I can say is that I’m free, but it wasn’t
easy at all. I Have Battled With The Most Hideous
Demon That’s Ever Been Told About.  I am not
Magnifying This, Spiritual Entity At All.

We must, in this cosmos, have a proper defense, in
order to counteract these oppositions set before us,
especially on this level. You need to know that’s one
demon, with assistance of other shrewd, cohorts,
such as lust, has taken countless to hell; to the core
of their bones and there soul. If you don’t have
JESUS, I don’t care how masculine or endowed, as a
man, you project to be or feminique for a woman,
you are no match for him. He fights with Spiritual
Laws and ownership and equipped to conquer.
If You Don’t Have On Your Proper Attire
For War
, And Sharpened
Your Spiritual Weapons
, As was spoken about in
the prior scriptures above, * Weapons Such As:
Positivism and Stead Fast Faith, Deep-Down
your Will and Emotions, you will Lose the
Battle with Disaster!!
The Disaster is so
Devastating, until it Affects and Infects, Dear
Family And Friends,
                                                         Founder: Pastor Bob Latson's Personal  Phenomenal
Especially Those Who Hold Up The Holy And Righteous
lag, For Church And Community. This was the Plight of
Israel, Thousands of years ago in Fear of Goliath and Is
Still at This Hour, The Plight of Spiritual Israel, in Fear
Of the
Giant of Perversion. However, God Always Has A
lan of Total - Deliverance/Liberation. He’s God!!

Look at the Great and Prosperous Cities of Sodom and
Gomorrah, (Genesis 19, that Spirit Conquered than and
Also Now). How Many Deaths Has it Claimed? How
Many Souls, May be even in your Family/Lineage, Down
Through The Time Zone??
The Bible Says This demon Is
Cunning and Wise. It is noted in the book of Daniel, that
The Antichrist, The Beast; Will Not Regard the God of His
Fathers Nor Regard The Desire of Women, Daniel 11: 37.

Let’s be real -- I mean transparent so you can help
someone!!! I Praise God as you are reading and hearing in
your spirit, that only through God/JESUS CHRIST, have I
accomplished this task, which I was sent through the womb,
with an assignment to destroy as David did Goliath. God has
given me the antidote!!
Quite naturally, if he has sent you with an assignment, it
will be accomplished, come Hell or High/Water. Souls are
at stake!!
Just ask Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Esther and many other
witnesses/liberators; Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth,
Martin Luther King, the list goes on.

No one wants to go to a burning hell forever, where your
will and emotions, your soul is tortured, unexplainably.
I would like to leave you with the information that I received
through prayer/fasting and study. I did a study of my
pedigree lineage, and discovered, that my great grandfather
8 generations back, on my mother’s side was an African
King, which through satanic worship, offered up his son to
the devil. Also, on my father’s side was a history of the
American Indians, also of royalty and authority, that were
witches and warlocks. There is the door opening for
perversion, derived from rebellion, and demons come for
their claim.
But I thank God, through Jesus Christ, who paid it all for
all curses, to be destroyed (Galatians 3: 13)!!! You have to
realize this and know your place and what God has done for
us. You cannot
have one leg in God and one leg out playing with God or the
devil. The Older Seasoned Saints would say; “You can’t be
slew footed and lap legged, because your sins goona find you
out”. They would say;
“You cover your head, and Your feet will show, you cover
your feet, and your head will show, child there’s no where to
God bless you for reading my experience, and what I’ve
gathered from it. It’s not over. We have Liberating work to
do, just like the woman called, “Moses’’ Harriet Tubman,
mine and maybe even your ancestor; The “LIBERATOR”.
Smiling On The Outside, But
Dying On the Inside
The devil will Make You Feel
That Their Is No Hope and You
Will Never Be What God Made
You To Be...In Fact, Tell You
That God Created You This
Oh, But He Is a Liar And The
ather of Lies. Every Thing  
God Made Was Good Not    
Perverted!!  DON'T Let   
The........devil Get You Twisted.  
God Made
Male And Female!!
NOT Madam & EVE
Genesis 1: 26, 27. Romans: 1   
21-28,  I Corinthians 6: 9 - 11     
God Bless YOU!!

"To Your Glory God For What Things You Have Done"

Bobby Latson,
26 Years Old
Before Coming to Christ

Humbly Submitted,
Pastor Bob Latson

Liberation Ministries, Inc.
“Foundation Faith”
P.O. Box 166852
Irving, Texas 75016-6852
(972) 444-9925 (24hr.)