Biography of:
Pastor Bob Latson           "Now The Lord Is That Spirit And Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is There Is Liberty"
                                                                                                            11 Corinthians 3:17

I am Pastor Bob Latson of Liberation Ministries’ Inc. “Foundation Faith”, ordained by God and Man as a Prophet and Messenger for the
people. I was born on June 15, 1953 in Syracuse, New York, to my parents: Michael Warren & Rose Lee Latson, My Mothers roots

stem from the
Strong and Proud tribe of the Congo, Africa and my Father’s from the Strong and Proud tribe of the Mohawk and
Onondaga Indians,
migrating from the East of India. I was born feet first; my mother’s heart and mine stopped, but she and I still arrived here
for active duty. I am now 55 years old and have been through much turmoil from birth, but have experienced many ventures and accomplished
much paving of ground for countless thousands now and yet to come.

I live by Naked faith, trusting God all the way. In fact 7 years ago after getting out of the hospital, with my kidneys, under
great opposition at a Gas Station, I found 5 $100.00 dollar bills & 1 $1.00 dollar bill, paid my “tithes” “Holy unto the Lord”
$50.10, planted a seed of $100. 00 and the rest is mind boggling of God's rewards and divine guidance from that experience!!

God Has Made Me A Successful Host and Producer of A...........                                                                      
...........Unique Television Talk Show, "Liberation Talk Show" with Pastor Bob Latson for the last 19 years, aired on DCT, Dallas
Community Television, Now Dallas iMedia Network Through Comcast Cable
on Channel 99, Tuesday 8-9 pm. Also on the web: www., Channel 99 Interfaith 8-9pm.  In Fort Worth, Texas, Charter Cable, Channel 28, Tuesday 11:30 - 12:30 pm. Friday 3 - 4 am;  
and was also before Sept 11th on 5 other cities, Carrollton, Grapevine, Arlington, Desoto and  Lancaster, Texas. Liberation also has had radio
for 5 years, KDFT 540 AM, with  the same type of guest and spokesperson/  soloist!! We’ve been dormant for a short season but will soon rise
again where God leads!!

I was raised a Strong Baptist with the old 100 - One Hundreds Spirituals being my "Foundation of Faith" for 19 years, with dedication,
then migrated to the Apostolic Faith, Living Witnesses, The Honorable Bishop Charles & Matty B Poole, Founders and Overseers.  My
Pastor and Overseer was, Pastor Eula Mae Nelson & Deacon Larry Nelson of “Bible Way Healing Temple”, which are Radio and
Television Host/Producers in Rochester, New York. I stayed committed for 7 years as a Testimony Leader and Minister of Song. This is
where my great faith took place, to endure Cancer “AIDS” in many days to come, in 1979, before it was announced to the public. I
watched the faith of my Shepherd, as she lead us to Jerusalem, where I was baptized in Jesus name in Jordan River also 17 other
countries we ventured, and that helped me to be endowed with power to overcome whatever came to assail me. I backslid 25 years ago,
and it was a devastation. This is where the spiritual/natural disease took place. Thank God for his Mercy. I have nothing to hide. I am
butnaked-transparent, as God allows the strength to be demonstrated in me.

I am currently for 5 years by the refined guidance of God, under The Umbrella of “The Potter’s House” and being overseen through God’
s guidance by “The Honorable Bishop T.D. and First Lady Serita Jakes”, whom I have the most (Utmost Respect) for and their vision, and
‘I Celebrate What I’ve Seen Before And After I Came To Their Domain’!!
Bishop Jakes reminds me of a Modern Day Pastor Edward
Calloway, that’s what has drawn me to him, with the same intense teachings, as “The Man Of God” Elder Calloway, who through God, put
“Spiritual Meat” on my bones, to endure these last days of ‘Peril And Storm’.  
I reiterate the scripture that states from Apostle Paul:
"Be Followers of  me even as I also am of Christ",
I Corinthians 11:1.
I followed my Leaders/Mentors as they Followed Christ!! One day soon we all have to give an account!! This is where
I Pay my “Tithes” "Holy Unto the Lord" plant my seeds, sew many prayers and support, lead others, during my travels to cast their
commitment to God and “The Potter’s House”
and many have done so. Only God has the list and knows the record, I just stay Incognito/Busy
as God has lead me to do!! All comes in time!
Is There Not A Cause, David asked his brother Eliab, 1 Samuel 17, 29? You see that
UNCIRCUMCISED Philistine, Defying “The Armies Of
The Living God”!! God Is Restoring
HOLINESS!! Please Pray My Strength In The Lord. “Maranatha The Lord Cometh”!!!

The TV Show's format is a conglomerate of
“Trinity Broadcasting” with Paul & Jan Crouch & The Bobby Jones Special, with
Dr. Bobby Jones
, aired on BETS Channel 72. "Liberation Talk Show"/Entertainment, consist of National & Local Guest, that have graced
our platforms telling of their experience of
Total Liberation from various Strong-Holds, especially of Intense Perversion, such as:
Homosexuality, Prostitution-Female/Male, Alcoholism, Drug Addictions, of many sorts, Codependency, Troubled Youth and Families,
Abandoned and
Abused Wives, Husbands and Children, even as I was abused, but have survived.
By the way of talent, the show has been graced to have such guest as:
The Screen Play  “Movie”, “Leap Of Faith”, it’s vocalist Shirley Ash,
who sung the theme song;
“Are you Looking For A Miracle” along with her son Gospel recording artist, Fred Ash.
Steve Martin, a “Grammy Award Winner” was the main character that portrayed the Preacher in the movie.
Among others,
The Nationally Known Quartet Group, and Recording  Artists “The Texas Boys”, likened unto the “Williams Brothers”,
“Benita Arterberry Burns”, A National Recording Artist/Secular/Gospel, and a personal friend and sister, that does:
“Liberation’s” Intro/Outro, Also one of the “Day Star” “Celebration” Praise and Worship Singers of One of Our
Christian Television Talk Shows, Marcus & Joni Lamb, Host/Producers and many many more along with myself, Pastor Bob Latson.

I Also Am A Writer/Columnist/Spokesman, which took speech in my younger years. My writings of “Goliath” The Giant Of
and “David” The Giant Slayer, depicting the Church and it’s vulnerabilities, left unwatched and God’s Chosen hero rising up,
through God to conquer the challenge, giving God the Glory. The Book Will Be Out On The Market Soon!! The writings have been in
GATAP, WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE International News, Publisher and Owner/EL. Knox.   

The Lord has allowed me to be on many platforms as a Hired MC, Master Of Ceremony & Vocalist, Specializing in The “Lord’s  
Prayer” “A Cappella”, Operetta; (without instrument), at Weddings, Concerts and Funerals as well as a Guest Soloist at various   
Venues. Some of those platforms were as follows:

1.) “Miss Black Texas Pageant”
Opening Pageant - "The Black National Anthem", "Lift Every Voice And Sing"
Also contracted to Secure Pageant Contestants and Promotional and Talent Scouting for Pageant
Mr. & Mrs. John Delley/Owners at the time/this was in the 90's for Approx. of 2 years

2.) “The Juneteenth Pageant”
Opening Pageant - "The Black National Anthem", "Lift Every Voice And Sing"
Master Ceremony of the Pageant - Along with Promotional Work also acted in a play in pageant
I was also contracted to Secure Contestants/Talent for the Pageant also in the 90's
Linda Ragsdale, Founder and Director also the Niece Of Prior Council Woman Dianne Ragsdale

3.) “Lou Sterrett Jail”, Dallas Texas
Soloist/Hst/Prdc,Promotional Work: Bob Latson & Associates Public Relations And Promotions,
Creating Gospel Video to Funnel through the Jail System for inmates, securing talent to support event,
then have it aired on Channel 11 also in the 90's
Pastor Michael Alcorn, Facilitator at the time

4.) "The NAACP", "Juanita Craft Awards"
Opening Award Ceremony - "The Black National Anthem", "Lift Every Voice and Sing"
Faye Bagby, Program Coordinator  and wife of Radio Announcer Joe Bagby of  KHVN Heaven  97,
970 AM Gospel Radio Station

5.) "DFW Mass Choir", Famous Home Grown Choir, a member/stand by Soloist for the space of 3 years
Bob Latson & Associates Public Relations And Promotions secured the Choir for the June Teenth Pageant and participants
in the Play under the direction of
The National Acclaimed Recording Artist,
Kirk Franklin, Leo Bubba Taylor and Carnell Murrell.

There are Also other Events!! If needed they can be provided upon request, Wedding/Clergy Services, etc!! Thank You!!

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I have been honored to be the proud and dignified brother of a National Acclaimed Journalist and Writer; Jacqueline Warren Moore, who has written as a Columnist for 10 years or more in The Syracuse Post Tribune, the Primary News Paper Media of the Syracuse,
New York.
My Sister is also a dear friend of Nationally Acclaimed Writer and Actor, Maya Angelo, also Nikki Giovanni, The Renowned
Poetess/Author/Activist and has shared their poetry in a Book of Poetry; “Age Aint Nothing But A Number”, along with Terri McMillan,
Producer of the....Screen * Play.....The Movie.....“Stella’s Got Her Groove Back”.  My sister’s first girl child was named by her dear
friend, Cassius Clay, Known as “The Great Muhammad Ali, Sonceria Niatwa, which is Indian/Mohawk and Swahili. My niece Ceria as
we call her, has had Meningitis, but has been miraculously healed through the power of God!!! Thank you Jesus!!