BIO/Services We Provide:    
ow The Lord Is That Spirit And Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is There Is   Liberty"
                                                                                               II C
orinthians 3:17  
Liberation Ministries, Inc. Is a "Global Outreach Media Ministry" For Church Status-Quo, Structure But Also The
Intense Street & Community!!  'Liberation Uses the Networks & Vehicles Of Media', SUCH As: Television, Radio, News
Paper and Internet Communications, etc, as a Casting Net.....'With These Services Along with Others Listed
Below'...............  (My
Biography  And Personal {Gifts Services Provided}: $ Fees Will Be Discussed!! Such as Soloist For
Services - (Performing Wedding Services) - Engagements -
Specializing in "The Lord's Prayer"Acapalo/Without Music,
Voice Overs for Commercials, WEBSITES/Designs, Etc.)

................'We  Are Then Able'...............
To Reach The Afflicted, Bruised and Damaged by Life and Circumstances; Such as Rape, Molestation, Alcohol, Drugs,
Prostitution, Homosexuality, Divorce & Marital
Chaos Crisis, Just Mentally & Emotionally Torn!!
(Sexual Identity Crisis) The Down Low
Men & Women, that need to Come Up High and Really See and Experience
"LIBERATION"!! It Is For The Youth that have no direction and need Guidance also their Parents that were not Given Solid
direction because they had
No GUIDANCE, Or For those That were Given very Solid Advice, but their Parents/Mentors were
operating in Codependency,
Somewhat Witchcaft/Minipulation, Generational Curses-Neeeed to....Be.......
B r o k e n Over Them!! This Vehicle Of Ministry is a Pathway To Health & Wholeness, Just as it did for me..............
........The Pastor/Founder; Pastor Bob Latson.........
By Getting your Soul In - Tact, You are In - Tact Totally. The Scripture does say:

"Beloved I wish
Above all things that thou mayest Prosper and Be In Health even as Your Soul Prospers",
3 John 1, 2.

May God Bless You As These Services Listed Below Assist You:

Liberation Provides:

Television: As One of Our Main Vehicles of Media For You To Share Your Testimonial Experience
With our Viewers; Provided it is the Kind of Experience that Meets our Criteria Of "Liberation Talk Show" Network and
Liberation Ministries, Inc. Also You as a Guest will Provide A........Monetary/Contribution/Donation Covering $
Expenses for,
Unless Otherwise Been Discussed and {Another Form Of Agreement Has Been Established}!!
This Will Support The On Going of  The Ministry, That Will Allow Others to Share Their Experience!!
(However, This will be......Discussed Prior Acceptance of Your Interview)!!
Consultation & Seminars: Given Of Your Situation/Dilemma and Solid Advice from Our Counselors, Through The Word of  
God, First and Foremost, 'The Greatest Source of Help/Information Guide', Then Offer You Some Categorical Extra Helps That
Will Assist First Natural then Spiritual! (1.) (In The Consultation) Information-FYI of (The Strong-Hold), The Enemy Has on
You, But with God/You and Our Help Will Be Loosed Then Set Free; '{ It Will be {Explained-Dissected }' and Analyzed....
{The Root Cause} of The {Strong-Hold}, Such As: (Rejection/Anger/Shame)!!
We Will Inform You of The Process......of HEALING  And That It  (Takes Time)!! It Did Not Come Over-Night and Will
Not Leave Over-Night! YOU!! Yourself/Your/Will To Want or Will To Be Healed, Have The Bulk of The
Healing Resolution!
Jesus and We,
'LIBERATION' Will Assist You!When That Spirit Sees That YOU Mean Business, And NOT JUST Wanting
Attention and An AUDIENCE,
Actually (CODEPENDENCY); Or Manipulation, It Will Loose YOU, Because Of God First,
YOUR Will To Be FREE!!

Wedding Consultants: H E A V E N L Y Weddings Plus!!  
Deluxe Wedding Packages Available Upon Request Just For You In Mind: Contact Us: Contact Us
WE will let you know of What Availabilities and When!!
hat Includes Some Pampering and Post Wedding Ceremony Care For Bride and Groom!!
lergy Soloist/Instruments, Etc.

Health Advice: We Offer by the Way of HEALTH, Naturopathic Health Counselor Doctors with Degrees, Like unto the
one included in the site: "Anatomy Complete Alternatives", Dr. Alexis Taylor, N.D. Getting your Body/Vessel Back in
shape, Spiritually/Naturally/Emotionally/Financially, Health/WHOLENESS- WAY Leading To Holiness!! Get The Picture! God
Bless YOU!!
Information Referral: We offer Services of Referral of Selected Organization Of Helps in The Community,
Such as: Shelters for Homeless, Food Pantries, Human Services, etc. We also Refer Certain Efficient and
Concerned About Client Attorneys also Land & Title Companies to Survey and Analyze your Land for Value! WE will do What
we can to Assist you and If by Chance We Cannot, We will do our Level Best to
Refer you To A Prospective Place!!
God Bless!!

Pastor Bob Latson
Liberation Ministries, Inc.       

Liberation Ministries, Inc.
"Foundation Faith"