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My Experience of Being Attacked by        "Now The Lord Is That Spirit And Where The Spirit Of The Lord
An Evil Phenomena/Witchcraft                   There Is Liberty"                                               II Corinthians 3:17

In My Tim Of Being Back Slid-Running Away From God And What He Wanted Me To Do; I Experienced Also
An Evil Phenomena Of The Super Natural, In Addition to the AIDS: A Witchcraft Substance
Was Put In My Food, Which Worked
My Body and Soul........Believe Me It Is Quite A Story and You'll have to Read It..........The Medical Doctors could not Detect
The Substance
, Only them that were given Spiritual-Insight From God and DISCERNMENT Could Detect It!!  I was given Divine
Directions of Fasting 21 days No food or water, just Seeking God For My Life And Soul!! It took 15 Years of PROCESS OF

Just as I told you before; Dipping 7 times in the Spiritual Jordon River.
The reason for the length of time was because of the validity of assignment and it was so intense for the battle
A head!

Thank God For His Mercy!! It was also revealed to me that it was Someone That Knew God Did It, Operating As One of  God’s
, but just as Bound As They Could Be And Unknowingly That satan Had Them Trapped in darkness, Thinking They Are
; but Needing God's Mercy And Healing To Liberate Them!!  God did not reveal to me who it was, but he did lead me to know that
I knew them at one time or the other. God said it was not that important, when he has the whole scheme of things however, they had to
Suffer For Their Folly and for touching God's Anointed Ones!! { I have no hatred in my heart towards them whoever they are }
but at one time I was quite bitter as I afore stated
in the paragraphs written before;

In ‘About Founder/Ministry’,
In Which Did Breed Hatred!! The word of God Says that you must have Pure Love To
Get Rid Of All Evil and
That Kind Of Love Thru God Is Strong As Death, Song Of  Solomon 8, 6.  (I just Thank God
for His Mercy And His Forgiveness).
Their Purpose By The Devil was to Control Me And Sabotage;
The Pertinent Work Being Done -  Right NOW!! They Did Not Realize The devil That They Obeyed, Had a
Trap Set F
or Them!! The Bible Is Written And States: "Know Ye Not To Whom You Yield Yourselves To Obey His
Servants Are Ye To Whom Ye Obey
, Romans 6: 16. He was trying to get 2 birds with one stone!! You can't stop something that God
started! One Main Essential Thing Dr. Taylor advised me of as I afore stated  was HEART CLEANING!! Yes HEART Healing!! You
Must Get Your Heart &; Soul Clean and Healthy/Whole, Through God's Cleansing Blood, Through Jesus Christ our Lord, then You
can begin to Cleanse That DIS - EASED/Not - At EASED Body!!

This is a repeat of what was written in ‘About Founder/Ministry’, but it is something that needs to be reiterated. It
bears many times to be repeated, because many have already entered Hell and wished they would have gotten their
heart clean
so they would not have had to come where they are, but it’s TOO LATE-Just Too Late. First and Foremost
The HEART Must be Dealt with and satan Knows it!!
If you don’t get it fixed, he’s got a Good hold on you!!
So he uses circumstances and disappointments to try and trap you in........
(Visiting The Iniquity Of The Fathers To The Third And Fourth Generation), Exodus 20: 5,6 (Jesus Broke All of  
Them Through His Death and RESSURRECTION)!! Now YOU Must BREAK Them Yourself!! What More Could He
Do? He Has Laid The Foundation And Opened.......Up....The.......Way!!.........What More Could He Do!! It Is Up To

I want you to know that was Hell
o deal with, but God was getting all Hell out of me so I would not go to Hell For Eternity! This Is Our Proving
Ground For Homeward-Heavenward Bound!!

LET God Get all the Hell Out Of You!! (I Suffered Excruciatingly Eradicating That Filth Out Of Me)!! The Suffering Was
Equating To The Amount Of Hell And Darkness I Was Fighting In Me/My/Flesh - Spirit/Soul And Cosmos/Atmosphere/ The High
Places And Equating To The Assignment/Ministry
, The Weight Of Ministry/Anointing God Allowed Me To Carry!! REMEMBER:
Your Misery Is Your Ministry and Your Mess Is Your Message
; Precious Souls of God/Dear Loved Ones In His Sight!!
The Bible States;
2 Very Vital Things For A Christian/ A Soldier in God's Army must go thru-through - (1.) You must Suffer as Christ
Did And To Arm Yourself Likewise With
The Same Mind, To Kill Out The Flesh and Cease From SIN!! God Became Man, Put On
Flesh To Experience It  And Show You How To SUFFER - (2.)

You must put on the mind of Christ, not just suffer, but put on the mind, have a willingness to want this flesh to be crucified killed out,
and to pick up your cross daily and follow Christ, At One time I did not have that mind and  that is why my road was
so rugged, but I
thru much anguish and pain to be willing and SUFFER!! It was going to be rugged anyway, but became even more severe
because of
not having that willingness to suffer and go thru whatever God Allowed Me To Go Through For My Making And Shaping
For My Soul And Ministry/OTHERS!!
1 Peter, 4:1,2. &  1 Peter 5: 10,11.  Be Not Weary In Well Doing,
You Will Reap If You Faint Not, Galatians: 6,9.
I wrestled like Jacob and squirming like a dog being beat to death and in constant Pain Day and Night! Many times smiling to hide the
PAIN  (This substance was actually recreating it self-like an Honey-Comb  thru my anger and rage I was delivered of!! That is the best
way I can describe it like a Honey-Comb or a cluster of Honey-Jell. It was something unexplainable!! Thank God for his Mercy!!

Now you see why I have had so much mercy on others, even them that did that to me!! All satan wants is company burning
in hell with him forever. DON’T forget MISERY LOVES COMPANY!! As this substance left my body for a number of years after
being cursed to the roots, it had a foul smell that I could not explain-Oh so foul out of this world! Thank God I am FREE of not just
Homosexuality, but the taint of Gross sin Period!

The Starting of the Substance Growth was small at first then Grew in and around my intestines! Through the Purge, by Heavens
assistance, which was devistating,
the substance released little by little; but finally it came thru the draught and openings of my body-
mouth - personal body release points-thru my nose, much blood, even sneezing of blood when I took a Shower!However it came out! It
was meant to plant me, but God said not so devil!! I died on Calvary and you have no claim on him, even though he came from a
lineage of WITCHES!! He's free and will be used by Me/God profoundly, he will put you devil to a serious shame and God will be
Glorified in this Phenomenal Testimony of God's Deliverance!!   Thank God for his Healing Power and sustaining my mind thru that
tunnel of Hell, that I’ll never forget it all my life!!! Again God Thank you for JESUS, your son, who you sent to set us free of all
Bondage. Actually God Y
our Self coming to us to redeem us thru you Oh God!!
Thank You Jesus!!

hank you viewers for reading my Phenomenal Experience and that Through God, by Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice, I
Made it out!!
God’s Miraculous and Pure Love be upon You,

Pastor Bob Latson
Liberation Ministries, Inc.                                         
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